About Us

A number of years ago I grew increasingly unsatisfied with the vanilla replicated site that most network marketing companies create.

These site were designed to be 'everything' sites covering all aspects of the business, the products and the company.

In a word...they were overwhelming.Don't create more questions than you answer Why would you market to your prospects using tools that create more questions than they answer.

What does your prospect need to know in steps 1 and 2?

I wanted something simple with a targeted message for my new prospects. I did not want to send them immediately to the corporate site. Who had the motivation to wade through all that info?

Sure, after they understood the core differences and advantages of the opportunity, it was perfect to take them to a fire hose of information...but not at the beginning.

So...I begin to design my own sites,. others wanted them and one thing led to another and here we are.

I look forward to working with you to design a tailored message for your networking team.

If you are brick and mortar we can design more of a brochure site appropriate to your industry to tell your story more effectively than any of your competition.

Jim Zook

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