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An integral part of telling your story is presenting your prospects with effective, persuasive presentations.

The most effective way to tell your story is to analyze your sales process and determine how to package your story in such a way that the prospect is engaged, intrigued, curious and wanting to discover more.

It is worth the time and money to craft an effective presentation which can be used for live presenting situations and if done properly, can also be converted to videos to place on your story telling website.

We can work with you to craft your presentation/video so that your story can be effectively told in a live setting using Power Point or on the web 24/7 as a video.

Ideally you want several short video, 3 - 5 minutes to thumbnail your story and provide the inspiration to view your longer videos. These short videos are tools to sort your prospects so that you spend your time speaking with people who have indicated an interest and have self qualified by going through several stepts.

Working with us you will also have the option to have your videos branded with your logo and privately hosted. This serves to make them unique and special to you and your team. Contact us for a discussion about how to craft your presentation in Power Point and /or video.

Here are just a few examples of the work we have done. Some of these are created from scratch and others incorporate parts of corporate videos with personalization or enhancements. The examples below are all privately hosted.

Video / Presentation begins at $300 - Quote

A Branded Brief Product Testimonial Video - Sisel

Team Branding logo in the upper right corner


Opportunity 1st Exposure Video - Incruises


Team Branded Founder Introduction - Vasayo


Landing Page Teaser - TiDOM


A Brief Product Testimonial Video - Jeunesse



A Security-of-Opportunity Presentation / Video - Sisel

A Product Presentation / Video - Sisel
A Compensation Plan Presentation / Video - Sisel
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